AUTUMN/winter 2018

The ME (WE) collection is a sartorial study of western and oriental cultures, where individualism and collectivism meets.

Kolchagov Barba wants to represent in this collection a firm unity and solidarity through the usage of oriental lines, kimono and obi belts details.

A collectivism of empowered women that stand together for their beliefs and right without detriment to their individuality, which sees each woman free to embrace her unique identity and individuality.

Clean lines and power-dresses are used to empower women while long gowns, corsets and Swarovski skirts make them stand out from the crowds; a fluidity of elements where power and equality cohabit.

Demure yet sophisticated, innocent yet strong and bold Kolchagov Barba is presenting a collection of statements, created to adorn and empower women.

Through the use of delicate laces, sequins and rich velvets the ME collection represents a homage to every woman who is celebrating her inner-beauty in all its many representations.





ME (wE)

by kolchagov barba