Vogue.co.uk: Kolchagov Barba SS/18 Borderless Collection

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Kolchagov Barba’s Borderless collection now on Vogue.co.uk - 

Inspired by the British painter Jeremy Houghton the Kolchagov Barba – Borderless Spring Summer 2018 collection is a tribute to art and its freedom. Flying birds – are the paintings Kolchagov Barba draw its inspiration for the Borderless collection. Just like in those paintings where birds have no borders and no limits, moving across clouds, skies and countries, art and fashion have for Kolchagov Barba no boundaries.

Paintings become prints, canvas become dresses, dresses become moving art, no borders just freedom to representation and expression.

Abstracted birds, flying freely, leaving the importance of extraneous detail behind, between feathers and clouds, donating them a ahistorical quality and a fluidity, these are the main elements of this collection.

Borderless wants to be a tribute to this freedom and fluidity, a collection of elements, where love and freedom, beauty and romance, innocence and lust are all free to cohabit together. No political, ethical or social limits. Fashion is Art, and art is for everyone who is free to represent themselves.

Through the use of delicate laces, feathers, floaty dresses, and prints, the Borderless collection wants to embrace the freedom of those painting, allow each woman to be dressed in her beauty, allowing her to embrace her own identity and freedom.

Emilio Barba