Autumn/winter 2016

The Roma collection is a tribute to the elegance and opulence of the colour palette of the Eternal City and every piece has been designed to reflect its powerful and mystical energy.

Small alleys that open into giant squares, decorated with gold and marble statues. White collars that walk all around the city blending with the beauty of the monuments and the freneticism of the traffic. Churches, restaurants and bars side by side sharing the same ground.

Multitudes of individuals, some devoted to silence, some to business and others to love and youth, all walking together crossing each other’s paths, merging into one procession. A procession of mixed beliefs and styles; long skirts / short skirts, head scarves / high heels; opposites all within one city.

This is Roma for Kolchagov Barba, a collection of elements, where love, spiritual- ity, beauty, romance, innocence and lust are all mixed in a vibrant city.

These elements capture different Kolchagov Barba’s women: powerful, devoted, passionate and sensual.Through the use of delicate laces, gold fabrics, rich velvets and warm reds, the Roma collection represents a homage to the classic beauty in all its many representations.

Each woman dresses in her beauty, each woman is embracing a unique identity which often reveals itself between the transparencies of the lace.

Roma represents a sartorial research for a collection which symbolises various realities of a city, where in each corner we find a Kolchagov Barba woman dressed in an impeccable and timeless elegance. 





by kolchagov barba